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An Aging Gamer’s Purpose

My History of Play I am at the half-way point in my graduate degree program and one of my classes this semester is Games and Learning. I have been a gamer since Pong got me hooked. As a child in the seventies, it was the neatest thing. Video games have been a constant...

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Blender 3D Basics Second Edition: Book Review

Originally posted: February 15, 2015 Blender is a 3D content creation suite that I use and learn from on a daily basis. It wasn’t easy. The learning curve, as can be true of any software, was steep. There was confusion and the occasional frustration,but the one thing...

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A Sketchfab Preview

Originally posted: February 28, 2016 Sketchfab is a site where you can upload your 3D models and others can view the model interactively. You can rotate (left-click+drag, zoom (scroll wheel), and pan (right-click+drag). The interactive viewer can also be embedded in ...

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Freelancing by Fire

So I have been neck deep in a freelance project the last few days. I have been tasked with creating a course to teach 3D animation and Blender software to summer camp students. Coming off a bout of sick that left me drained made it tough to keep up on classwork and...

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Socially Awkward, Socially Dumb

As I try to wrap my head around social media and marketing, I browse about for whatever information I might find useful or interesting. I am not a marketer by trade. I have read a few books, that is all. I ramble about it sometimes like I know what I am talking about,...

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Tribes of the Future

Originally posted: March 17, 2016 By decree of one of my graduate courses, I have been tasked with creating a networked learning space--a place where people can come to freely learn and share. The word “tribes” comes up in reference to communities online and off. I...

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A Quick Review of Yobi3D: A 3D Model Search Engine

Originally posted: June 4, 2016 I was contacted by Jessy Lee from Yobi3D with a request to check out the site and share it with you. NOTE: This isn’t sponsored content. No payment is involved. It was just a simple request, so I thought I would oblige. Yobi3D is a free...

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Learning and Creativity

Originally posted: June 13, 2016 My Relationship With Creativity I remember numerous instances of my creativity or inquisitive nature being frowned upon, viewed as deviant behavior. It made me feel as if I was wrong to ask questions or delve into my imagination for...

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