Articles, musings, reviews, and opinions about a variety of topics, hence the name Words of Whatever.

You may be thinking, “Well that seems like an unfocused mess.” The intention, however, is to provide a wide range of perspectives and ideas about the world of digital media and instructional design.

For Honor and the Art of Patience

I can easily get impatient with games at times. It even isn't unheard of for me to sigh, roll my eyes, tap my foot, and bite my tounge when things start testing my patience in the real world. A new game called For Honor, a third-person melee fighting game by Ubisoft...

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Gee’s Situated Learning Matrix

I feel like I have read at least portions of this chapter by John Gee, or variations on it. Maybe I haven’t, or I didn’t read that close the first time around. This time I dug in and pulled the thing apart. Learning and Games breaks down how we interact with video...

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