Every design project goes through several phases from proposals, to planning, to content creation and development; and requires different skills and assets along the way. I can assist with your design process by providing professional copy editing and custom asset designs.


Copy and line editing of fiction, non-fiction, academic writing, and blog posts.

Editing Style

I am direct and honest. I focus on what works and offer suggestions for what doesn’t. I explain the reasons for any issue that I feel needs your attention. I encourage discussion on any point and I know how difficult taking criticism can be. I don’t care how thick your skin may be, there is always a part of you that hates hearing objective critiques about something you have poured your time, energy and passion into. But that feeling is inevitable and you and I both know it is necessary. Your writing will thank you.

Types of Editing

Developmental: This is the big picture view.

  • Character development and motivation
  • Tone, Theme, Premise
  • Tension, Pacing

Line Editing: Line editing the bulk of the editing process. You will go through this process multiple times for longer projects.

  • Sentence and paragraph structure
  • Word choice, voice, tonal shifts
  • Run-on sentences and redundancies
  • Dialogue
  • Confusing narrative digressions

Copy Editing: This entails all the necessary mechanical aspects of writing. The red pen scans every letter, word and sentence while arguing with commas and wrestling with grammar to ensure a consistent style.

  • Spelling, grammar
  • Punctuation and syntax
  • Style consistency


Digital graphic assets for use by artists, video game designers, film, and publishing. My main focus is on 3d modeling and texturing.

I got hooked on 3D modeling back in the late 90s and then I found Blender 3D and started to teach myself. The community that has grown up around Blender is a wonderful resource of talented, creative, and helpful people. The learning process would have been much more difficult without them.

My models can be found for sale on these sites:

CG Trader 

Blender Market 



Brian Rocz

Brian Rocz

Freelance #3D artist, #editor, aging #gamer, BA in English, currently working on a MA in Instructional Design.

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