Stormtrooper Blues: Blender 3D Animation

Stormtrooper Blues: Sticky Note Animation

July 16, 2016

I decided to make an animation in the vein of the old flipbook animations that I used to scibble in whatever book I was reading when I was younger. The inspiration comes from this ds106 Assignment Bank project. The criteria was to make a flipbook animation using sticky notes and create an animated gif from the images. I already know how to do that, so I decided to do the animation in Blender using the Freestyle render option which creates a hand drawn look–something I haven’t done before.

I set up a simple scene and created a simple controls for each character to move each of their heads and the stormtrooper’s arm.

PostIt Animation Setup_Rocz3D Studio

I changed the background color to look like a yellow Post-It note and also made all the objects in the scene the same color. Enabling a couple of settings gave the hand-drawn look I wanted.

PostIt Animation Still_Rocz3D Studio

I learned how to control when an object appears in an animation by keyframing the object’s visibiliy in the preview and final render. I positioned the lasers behind the blaster and didn’t want them seen until the trooper raised his arm so the blaster was blocking them from view. Otherwise the lasers would just have been floating there until the trooper enterd the scene. It came out well. Of course there are any number of things I could have done to make it different or more dynamic, but I wanted to keep the essence of those stick figure animations that ended up in the corner of my books.

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