Simple Minecraft Animation in Blender 3D

Simple Minecraft Animation in Blender 3D

August 2, 2016

I recently completed this animation project for It is a short course for summer camp kids that teaches them how to use Blender 3D. The instruction takes them through the steps necessary to create a simple animation using Minecraft style assets.

The project was a learning experience as most creative projects can be. I did have to scrap some ideas due to the short time the kids had for the course. I wanted to keep the text instruction simple enough for the time they had, yet provide enough material so they would gain a basic understanding of Blender and animation.

The goal was for the kids to come away with a complete animation by the end of the course. This is the example animation that I made as I drafted the course.



I would have liked to refine the animation a bit, but I needed to keep the course within a certain time limit. I didn’t want to make things more difficult for those just starting out with animation and Blender 3D. Overall it was a good experience.

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