Scribbled to Death: Star Wars Battlefront Rotoscope Animation

Scribbled to Death: Star Wars Battlefront Rotoscope Animation

July 8, 2016

This ds106 mashup assignment was fun to do. I have wanted to do something like this for some time. The first time I saw hand drawn rotoscope animation was the A-ha music video: Take on Me. I used to draw quite a bit in those days and thought the animation in the video was the neatest thing. Now I got around to doing my own.


I chose to grab some Star Wars Battlefront gameplay for the animation. I captured the video on the Playstation 4, then trasnferred it to my computer. After trimming out the portion I wanted to use, I opened the video in Blender to save it out as an image sequence, then took those images into GIMP as layers.

I traced out each frame in red, so that it was easy to see over the gameplay image. Then the layers were desaturated so make the lines dark gray.

Rotoscope Frame Trace_Star Wars Battlefront

The images were exported individually in order and then brought back into Blender where I rendered out the video for upload. I think it came out well. I would have liked more time for this, but it is time consuming–even considering my quick scribble work. The animation is drawn at about 11.5 frames per second if I did my math right. And it isn’t very long, but it was time consuming and my hand was starting to hurt. This is something I can see myself doing again in the future.

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