Draw, Doodle, and Scribble Your Ideas to Life

Draw, Doodle, and Scribble Your Ideas to Life

September 15, 2016

I recently watched a couple of TED talks about drawing: “Why People Believe They Can’t Draw” and “Draw More, Together”. Both videos (embedded below) showed how drawing can aid idea generation and nurturing those ideas. I don’t practice this as often as I should or could, but when I do I notice how much better my ideas can come together.

I had to illustrate how to make toast. The process is simple enough, but my left-to-rot drawing skills forced me to resort to a stick figure. My kung-fu is weak. Below is the graphic that I came up with…

How to Make Toast_Rocz3D Studio

This was fun. I am going to make a more conscious effort to practice this method of generating and molding my ideas. I am in the bad habit of thinking that I can formulate everything in my mind and end up with a brilliant result. I know this is unrealistic as this is rarely the case. Drawing, doodling, scribbling can really help clear your head and create a sort of chaotic focus that you can make clearer with each iteration of the visualized idea.



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