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Welcome! My name is Brian Rocz. I am a freelance Editor, 3D Artist, and Instructional Designer (degree in progress)

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Sunday Vlog Ep. 2: Failing to Learn

This week I talk about failure and its place in learning. Failure is a necessary component to the learning process. It is essential and inevitable. You will fail--a lot. But don't let that discourage you. Fear of failure is natural, but it can also be a hindrance....

Sunday Vlog Ep. 1: The Content Conundrum

My first vlog ever--The Content Conundrum. This was uploaded last week to YouTube, but I neglected to link it here on my site. Why? It was an oversight on my part. It will never happen again. I swear...Maybe...I can't promise anything 🙂 Every Sunday I will ramble...

Blender 3D Tutorial: Modeling a Chalkboard Part 3

Finally, here it is--part 3 of the chalkboard modeling series. In this conclusion we go through the process of creating a simple Cycles material and a diffuse image texture in GIMP. This is a fairly straightforward process, one that I hope you find helpful. Creating...

My Design Services


Copy and line editing of fiction, non-fiction, academic writing, and blog posts.

Instructional Design

Video tutorials, learning materials and resources, and instructional design (degree in progress)

3D Modeling

Digital assets for use by artists, video game designers, film, and publishing. My main focus is on 3d modeling and texturing.

Please let me know if you have any comments, criticism, ideas, or ridicule.

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