I thought I would create a video Play Journal entry, rather than writing one. I have had enough this week–even this text is excruciating to produce 🙂 And what better way to demonstrate play than through a similar visual medium as the source material. The game I played is called Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It is a science fiction action role-playing game. It provides the players with a number of abilities and paths to choose when tackling any given action, or goal. This creates an effective environment for exploring how to solve a problem. Games can be a great way to provide an engaging environment for “role playing, narrative arcs, challenges, and interactive choices [where] players may be required to analyze, synthesize, and use critical thinking skills in order to play and execute moves” (Dickey, 2005).

This is one mission from the game. I am tasked with infiltrating the site of a bombing that happened earlier in the game to retrieve some bit of information, or something. I took a stealth approach rather than running and gunning my way through the mission. Besides, I had sold all of my weapons a bit earlier and all I had was a tranquilizer rifle which is not too effective at engaging enemies head on.


Dickey, M. D. (2005). Engaging by design: How engagement strategies in popular computer and video games can inform instructional design. Educational Technology Research and Development, 53(2), 67-83.

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