I can easily get impatient with games at times. It even isn’t unheard of for me to sigh, roll my eyes, tap my foot, and bite my tounge when things start testing my patience in the real world. A new game called For Honor, a third-person melee fighting game by Ubisoft has reminded me of my tendency to button-mash my way through things rather than taking a more measured approach. For Honor’s fighting mechanics require focus, patience and the ability to anticipate your opponent’s next move.

The Art of Patience

I have a long history with games and over the years I have learned things from my experience, skills that have transferred into the real world. I have a much better relationship with failure than I use to. I approach problems different than before. But the one thing I haven’t learned is patience. Maybe if I put some effort into learning and practicing the moves, I can unlearn the thought that if I just press the X button enough times and fast enough, I will win. I find my self doing this in social situations, which must look awfully silly when I don’t have a controler in my hand.


Well, something isn’t working. Maybe I should try running in mindlessly pressing buttons again.

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