Welcome to this Blender 3D streaming series. I am modeling a ship from the Star Wars universe–the YT-2000 Otana. The ship first appeared in X-Wing Alliance video game. I loved the X-Wing series games, but I have to admit that I didn’t remember this ship until I had to look it up when I received a request to create a detailed model of this ship. It looks similar to the Millennium Falcon.

I stream the modeling sessions for about one hour each week on Mondays at 7pm MST on Twitch.tv. The streams get uploaded to YouTube the following evening. You can check out the playlist for the series below. If there is something specific you would like to learn, and if I am able, I am sure that I could find a way to work it in to the stream. Enjoy and as always, comments and questions are welcome!


YT-2000 Otana

X-Wing Alliance

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