This was an interesting project. Having played World of Warcraft for years, I was familiar with the in-game community, though I never really spent any time interacting with players outside of the game. I would look up resources to figure out a character build, or learn some mechanics of end-game content, but that was it. It wasn’t that I was unaware of gaming forums and community sites, I just never bothered to be a part of that conversation.

I enjoyed the experience with the Blizzard forums. There was a lot less complaining about what’s been nerfed and whining about this character, or  that ability being over-powered than I had expected. Yes, that was an ignorant assumption, but my time with the game provided me with some context from which to base those perceptions. The community showed me I was wrong.

Creating my video project about the space was a challenge as I am not a skilled video editor, or producer for that matter. I created the video in Blender 3D which probably wasn’t the most efficient choice. The rendering took longer than I would have liked. But I learned stuff and that is the take away.

Below is my final thoughts on the World of Warcraft forums and what I learned within and about that space.

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