Time has been particularly stubborn this week. Things to do—always things to do. I am tired of doing battle with that wily beast. The semester is winding down and I feel an almost uncontrollable urge to tune out already. I hope that the month before the summer semester lasts for about three years. As I grumble and pout these last couple of weeks, I have been preparing a final presentation for the affinity space I have participated in this semester. While I wait for the animation clips to render, I thought I would write a bit about the things that didn’t make it into the final project.

Set Course for Affinity Space Warp 6. Engage.

I have browsed around gaming community spaces and participating here and there for years–never thought more of them than as a resource to look up information. My limited idea of these spaces has widened considerably, my understanding is still a work-in-progress. The value of an affinity space is created by the people involved, those that engage, share, create, learn, and teach within the community of interest.

The only thing that kept me from getting more involved with the space is that I don’t have the time to commit to playing the game as much as I would have liked. I would have felt more engaged with the space if my activity was more consistent. Affinity spaces are petri dishes of similar interests, growing all kinds of interesting cultures. This experiment has been interesting.

The World of Warcraft game forums are a great space for people to learn from each other and share their knowledge. As I mentioned, I looked things up from time to time, but didn’t bother to interact. I used to have the preconceived notion that these spaces were where all the trolls lived—seething and complaining how stupid everybody else is compared to their ultimate intelligence, feeding their egos a steady diet of delusion and grandeur, while snorting Cheeto dust. I was wrong.

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