My name is Brian Rocz. I am currently a graduate student at the University of Colorado Denver where I am studying Information and Learning Technologies in the Instructional Design program. I received a BA in English in 2013 which I have prominently displayed somewhere in my file cabinet. My experience studying literature, writing and creating video tutorials focused on 3D modeling has led me to my current degree goals in Instructional Design.

My interest in 3D art grew out of a traditional art background which I admit was left uncultivated and even less practiced. The original Star Wars is to blame for provoking my imagination as a kid. I would draw the ships and characters imagining adventures in that galaxy far, far, away. The special effects were amazing for the time and I have always carried that fascination with me.

I have been using Blender (a powerful and easy to use open-source 3D modeling and animation suite) for a number of years and am largely self-taught. I do have to give credit to those who gladly share their knowledge for others to learn, without which I wouldn’t have progressed as far as I have. I started creating tutorials because I wanted to share what I have learned and to give back to the Blender community which has been instrumental in my own learning.

I started Rocz3D Studio because I enjoy creating assets, learning resources, and assisting others in their design goals. It is important to enable and empower others to learn, be creative, and achieve their desired future.

  • 3D Modeling 80%
  • Editing — Copy, Line, and Developmental 90%
  • Instructional Design 80%

Resume available upon request

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