Originally posted: February 28, 2016

Sketchfab is a site where you can upload your 3D models and others can view the model interactively. You can rotate (left-click+drag, zoom (scroll wheel), and pan (right-click+drag). The interactive viewer can also be embedded in  as well with the same functionality as this example of a stylized blacksmith shop by mubashar:

I have had an account for a while and have only uploaded a few models, but I have never really explored the site or community. It seems like a great place to post your work, final or in progress, and get feedback and ideas. There are forums for contests, and tutorials as well as general discussion. Once I get back in gear with the graphics, I will definitely utilize this site. There is even the option to download models available for doing so and getting it 3D printed through something called 3D Hubs which allows you to choose your location and order the print locally. There were a lot of locations in Denver alone to have your downloaded model printed. If you own a 3D printer, you can list it on this site, set your pricing and make your printer available for service. Neat. Glad I chose sketchfab to look at for this assignment. I wouldn’t have discovered this option for printing.

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