Originally posted: June 4, 2016

I was contacted by Jessy Lee from Yobi3D with a request to check out the site and share it with you. NOTE: This isn’t sponsored content. No payment is involved. It was just a simple request, so I thought I would oblige.

Yobi3D is a free 3D model search engine. Search what you are looking for and the results will be displayed in a grid format.

Yobi3D_Grid View

Click on any of the models to view the model in a popup window where you can view the model interactively. You can rotate, pan and zoom the model with the controls on the right of the viewer, or with your mouse. Hold LMB to rotate, scroll wheel to zoom and RMB to pan.

Sith Fury_Yobi3D Viewer

I entered a search for one of my models–the Sith Fury ship from Star Wars the Old Republic MMO. Models are culled from available resources. The model details are listed on the bottom left of the viewer. My model is available on Blendswap and the information reflects this. The title of the model and the Download Source link directly to the original model’s location.

Yobi3D_Models Source

There is also a 3D Print tab on the viewer that will evaluate the model and display possible problem areas of the model that would need fixing before having it printed. There is a link to 3dhubs.com  on the bottom-right of the viewer. 3Dhubs.com is a service I mentioned in a previous post.

Yobi3D_3D Print View

There are a couple things I would like to point out:

  • The close button on the viewer was hard to spot. It is in the upper right corner, but it is a little obscured because it blends in with the background.
  • The search results are good, but I found that more often than not there would be a good number of models that seem out of context with the search term. It doesn’t detract from the experience as there are search filter options, so you can limit clutter on the search page.

Overall I think that Yobi3D is a good way to search for 3D models. The search is quick and the viewer only takes a moment to load the model. I say give it a shot if you are looking for 3D models for your projects.

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